Zakład Doświadczalny BISKUPIEC Sp. z o.o.
11-300 Biskupiec
ul. Czynu Społecznego 8
tel. +48 89 715 20 66
fax. +48 89 715 20 43
NIP 739-33-54-890, Regon 519564057
District Court in Olsztyn,
VIII Economic Division National Court Register No (KRS) 0000 175219
Share capital – 5,039 mln PLN

The company offers services in mechanical working, welding, sandblasting, painting as well as tests, measurements and design.

We specialize in precision manufacturing, small-lot manufacturing, however a continuously modernized machine park allows us to be competitive even at a level of automated and high-volume production.

We are the manufacturer of a wide range of highly specialized products, designed for civilian industries (mainly load limiters for mobile cranes and special products for vehicles and flying objects). These products have been and are exported to many countries in Europe, Asia and America.
We also offer opportunities to develop new designs and modifications of existing products.

Application of our products:
defense industry: KTO "Rosomak„ PT91 tank, T72, BWP and other track-laying vehicles on T-72 chassis and construction equipment.
The plant also offers product regeneration services as well as other services in terms of existing technologies.